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Hi, my name is Diego whats yours? Oh wait, this isn't exactly a conversation but I'm sure I will find out soon enough. If you're new to the DPF movement, welcome and thanks for stopping by. If we've met, I appreciate you for being here and supporting what I do!


There could be a handful of reasons you are here:


- Overweight and struggling to lose those unwanted pounds

- Looking to build some SOLID muscle

- Poor stamina and lacking energy

- Discouraged by all of the marketing, gimmick and BS!

- Maybe you just want to look good naked!


    Regardless of the reason, you are here and I thank you for that.


    So why me? What can I do to help you? My goal is to become the greatest version of myself and to inspire and motivate YOU to do the same. I will work relentlessly to not only help you improve your quality of health and well being, but to educate you. Teach you how to train properly, teach you about nutrition, and give you a better understanding of how this lifestyle can benefit your life in many ways.


    I wasn't born a fitness enthusiast, no! I was surrounded by basketball and other sports from a young age but nutrition was the last thing on my mind growing up. I was playing basketball at a competitive level yet I looked as if my go-to sport was competitive eating (I think I would have won some trophies). Honestly I was that kid who would always think about being ripped and having a six pack but was not willing to put in the work to get the body I desired. I would train for a few days then rest for a month or two and attempt the entire process again.


    Fast forward a few years to when I fully committed to becoming a better version of myself and 'voila' I was able to achieve my goal at the time. A visible six pack! 


    Now I know some of you are looking at this picture like:


    YOU: What the hell, you lost way too much, you look super skinny! 

    ME: Hands up, I definitely agree!


    BUT keep in mind, this was my desired look at the time. I wanted some packs goddammit! Thankfully I took a closer look at myself and realized I NEEDED some mass.


     After a few solid months of following my workout program consistently and dieting optimally I was able to see the changes I wanted in my body, but most importantly I felt awesome.


    Why am I telling you all of this if you are here to BETTER yourself?

    Because without these mistakes growing up and my experiences achieving a desired look, I would have nothing to share with you, and it would most probably be hard for you to relate. Over the years I spent endless hours researching information about fitness and nutrition for self-education purposes. The more I learned, the more passionate I became about wanting to help others reach their goals and at the same time share my personal experiences with people like you. 


    Listen up......

    It doesn't matter exactly why you're here, I don't discriminate. I want you to feel welcomed, inspired and motivated to go out there and become a better version of yourself.


    Regardless, I appreciate your time and remember, aim high, expand your boundaries.